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A powerful and agile Commodity Trade and Risk Management Solution

Agiblocks represents the next generation in CTRM software solutions. It combines a detailed understanding of the commodity business and risk management processes with an agile information technology architecture, enabling its users to successfully manage their commodity trading and risk management activities. Agiblocks opens up new possibilities for commodity purchasers, brokers, traders and commodity industry service providers by adapting to their environment and practices rather than imposing rules and limitations.


Detailed insight and full control

Agiblocks can easily be adapted to the particular routines and transactions of any trader and offers maximum support for trading, purchasing, logistics and risk management. It provides detailed insights into your commodity trade chain and offers full control of every aspect of your business operations. Within a single, consistent environment, Agiblocks enables you to drill down into your trade book, your logistics chain or trade documentation and take action quickly when necessary. The system also keeps a full audit trail of your transactions, including any changes that were made.

Complete commodity trade management

Agiblocks supports physical commodities trading such as agricultural, soft commodities and metals. It allows you to create and manage any type of commodity contract with a variety of pricing methods and specifications and supports your sales management. Its logistics functionality not only helps you to create and manage documentation and manage your supply chain, but it also offers all the tools you need to optimize your shipping and freight management. It supports your warehousing operations and offers extensive inventory management. Agiblocks presents a clear overview of your invoices and payments, allocated to either contracts or counterparties.

Sophisticated risk management

Agiblocks supports hedge operations with futures, options and forex. Everything you see is always up-to-the-minute. You can drill down into your consolidated combined physical and derivatives position and also into your Mark to Market valuation; the latter being based on real-time market data. The automated (un)realized Profit & Loss functionality provides a grip on your P&L, consolidated by entity or by commodity. The sophisticated Value at Risk engine specifies your exact risk exposure against your own risk metrics.

No more spreadsheets

Because many of the CTRM solutions on the market don’t really make the lives of their users easier, frustrated traders often resort to creating workarounds in off-system spreadsheets – thus defeating the main purpose of their CTRM system. Agiblocks consistently offers the functionality you need in the particular context you find yourself in. Just consider how much time can be spared by eliminating those spreadsheets and how much better your decisions will be when you have all that you need right at hand!

Easy to use

Agiblocks is as intuitive as you can imagine. Wherever you are, you can directly select your next transaction, insight or report, or drill down into your transactions, without using drop-down lists or even a keyboard… just with a single mouse click or tap of your finger. Click here to experience how easy Agiblocks is to work with.

Easy to implement and to adapt

The switch to a new software system can be a long and difficult process. This can be a serious obstacle, especially for software that is as core to your business as a CTRM system. Agiblocks can be easily configured to your commodity and business environment. Its intuitive user interface and complete adaptability make the transition both painless and easy.
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