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Complete functionality for the most demanding situations

CTRM software

The full Agiblocks CTRM (Commodity and Trade Risk Management) suite offers a wide variety of functionalities. When implementing the software, organizations can select what they need at that moment; extra functions can be added at any time.

Deal capture

  • Physical, terminal markets, forex
  • Standard terms and configurable contracts
  • Automated price confirmation
  • Freight and transport
  • Document generation, mail and storage
  • Sampling (quality and cupping)



  • Purchase to sales allocation
  • Stocks to delivery allocation
  • Freight and transport management
  • Inventory and stock management
  • Lot traceability
  • Import/export and freight documentation



  • Pre-transaction cost budgeting, accruals
  • Invoicing and settlement management
  • Proforma, provisional and percentage based invoicing
  • Accounts payable to contract allocation
  • Post-transaction profitability analysis
  • (Un)realized Profit & Loss reports and analysis
  • General ledger, accounts payable and receivable integration
  • Financial period closing
  • Letters of credit management


Risk management

  • Individually configurable physical position
  • Futures and options contract management
  • Combined physical and derivatives position
  • Market data integration and curves
  • Mark to Market valuation
  • Foreign exchange contract management
  • Hedge allocation (futures, options, forex)
  • OTC
  • Credit and counter party risk management


Advanced functionalities

  • Value at Risk
  • Greeks and ‘Black’ valuation for commodity options
  • Dashboards
  • Flexible reporting/data mining


Specialized functions

  • Ratio trading support for processed commodities
  • Multiple pricing methods (differentials / premiums, flat, ratio’s and content based pricing)
  • Partial pricing
  • Tolerance and franchise handling
  • Administrative support for blending volume or lots
  • Liquids and components settlements
  • Cross-markets hedging, arbitrage and position rolling

Commodity trade and risk management (CTRM) solutions are by default complex and rich in functionalities to support flexibility for the commodity trade industry. Agiblocks CTRM provides a large number of detailed features and functions. In many cases specialized for a certain commodity or commodity group. If you are looking for a particular functionality but cannot find it in the above lists, please get in touch with us to discuss possible solutions.