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Agiboo in the media

Agiblocks is gaining more and more attention from general and specialized media, industry analysts and reviewers. This page links to a variety of publications, showing what is being said and written about our product and our company. We will also be increasing our exposure through sponsorships of relevant events and through partnerships with leading publications in the commodity industry.

Agiblocks featured in STIR, Mobile Commodity Trading Software

Posted by Jan van den Brom
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Europe is the heart of the global coffee trade and this year’s SCAE Nordic World of Coffee in Gothenburg, Sweden drew representatives from some of the most influential commodity houses.

The show floor included traders from List & Beisler and Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, in Germany; DRWakefield in London; BELCO in France, Sandalj Trading in Italy, and SNV Netherlands along with smaller traders like Nordic Approach, Norway.

Few people appreciate mobility more than traders who manage an incredibly complex task on the run. That’s why I was interested in their recommendation that I check out Agiboo, a Netherlands firm known for its software solutions in sugar (www.agiboo.com).

Read the whole story at: http://stir-tea-coffee.com/tea-coffee-news/mobile-commodity-trading-software/





“Modular approach is intuitive to use and easy to implement”

Posted by Bart Kroon
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Developed by an industry team that brings together experience from the commodity trades and CTRM system development, Agiblocks is a new approach to managing the increasingly complex business of commodity procurement and trading. As Bart Kroon, Agiboo’s CEO and Jan van den Brom, a Managing Partner at the company explained exclusively to C&CI, many CTRM software packages available on the market today evolved from a client/ server background. This means that they are based on solutions that were developed around a specific commodity, or group of commodities. For the user, this all too often means that the software has a number of weaknesses that reflect how and why it came into being.
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Next generation CTRM – a white paper by Commodity Technology Advisory

Posted by Jan van den Brom
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Commodity markets may well now be at an important crossroads in their evolution. Always risky and intricate, trading, procuring and/or selling commodities, is increasingly more complex and becoming even riskier. For those engaged in commodity markets, there has always been a need for flexible and configurable CTRM software to cater for the rapidly changing nature of the business.
Unfortunately, most traditionally implemented on premise CTRM software solutions are suboptimal in terms of keeping current with new business challenges. Often the solution also carries a high cost of ownership as this traditional development model can mean months, if not years, between the emergence of a new requirement and the delivery of the matching functionality. New models are now emerging that utilizes the Cloud from new vendors who, familiar with such issues, have innovated different approaches that hold much promise for users.
This white paper examines how the industry is changing and why legacy CTRM software and the traditional models of development, implementation and support are problematic for users. It reviews the emergence of new technologies and delivery mechanisms and contrasts how these solutions may prove to be more responsive to industry needs in the future.
Download your copy of the next generation CTRM white paper here: Next Generation CTRM