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Agiblocks is continually being developed further, expanding its functionality, including new commodities and fine-tuning its ease of use. You’ll find the latest developments here. This page is also where we report about our appearances at commodity industry trade fairs and seminars.

Agiboo at the World of Coffee Conference 2017 in Budapest

Posted by Svetlana Tokunova


World of Coffee Conference 2017 is taking place this year in Budapest, Hungary on 13-15th June, 2017.

The World of Coffee Conference is hosted by Specialty Coffee Association of Europe with over 200 of the world’s most innovative coffee industry suppliers, three full days of thrilling competitions, inspiring symposiums, seminars, educational workshops and a packed social program filled with plenty of entertainment, excitement and fun fringe events.woc_2017_2

Agiboo team is happy to participate in this event as Agiboo has a strong commitment to the coffee trade industry, in the video Svetlana had a short interview with Rodrigo from PanAmerican Company, discussing the last trends in coffee industry and how it is important to have a system for internal management and risk management protection.

Agiboo team would like to thank the organizers of the SCA event and industry professionals for the interesting discussions and thoughts/ideas exchange.




Looking back at Agrimoney Live Conference in London 2017

Posted by Svetlana Tokunova


Agrimoney is the investor’s link to the food chain, providing news and content to the investment community worldwide. Agrimoney LIVE brings that audience, experience and knowledge to London.

In line with our overall vision to provide high quality content and information to the industry, it is with great pride that we announce the second edition of the Agrimoney event series, kicking off 2017 with Agrimoney LIVE running in London from 23rd-25th May.

Focusing once again on the investment story, highlighting the wins and losses, and helping facilitate discussion and debate.

Agiboo team was happy to support and sponsor Agrimoney Live Conference and meet industry professionals.

Agiboo continues the commitment to the soft commodities industries with providing the latest technology software Commodity Trade and Risk Management Solution and industry professionals can manage their risks by using Agiblocks CTRM solution. Agrimoney_Live1

Each day at Agrimoney Live was focused on different angle such as Commodity Market Outlook, Agribusiness strategy, Real Assets and Agri Tech. It was interesting to see different people on each day and their presentations and round tables which covered topics from Blockchain and Trade Finance to Political Risk and Innovations in AgriTech.

Agrimoney LIVE will attracted senior level attendees and brought investors, agribusiness companies and fund managers together to learn, network and share real time information with each other.

Agiboo team joined the Agrimoney Live Conference with pleasure and congratulates the organizational team with successful event!



Agiboo at the 7th Annual Kingsman EU Sugar Seminar 2017 in Geneva

Posted by Svetlana Tokunova

picture_LNAgiboo participates at 7th Annual Kingsman EU Sugar Seminar 2017 in Geneva and is happy to be part of the sugar family reunion.

S&P Global Platts is holding the Sugar Seminar for the 7th time at the Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva, Switzerland.

The audience includes region’s leading sugar producers, regulators, senior sugar traders, sugar buyers, leading consultants and advisors, Financiers, banks and analysts and global press and industry associations.

As market participants prepare for the end of the EU quota system this coming October, the uncertainty for what might happen for the EU and global markets still remains high. Having quickly gathered momentum, the annual Kingsman EU Sugar Seminar will continue to highlight the key issues surrounding quota reform, draw out the key implications for those involved, both regionally and globally, and give you an expert point of view to support informed decision making.

kingsman sugar geneva 2017

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