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Agiblocks is continually being developed further, expanding its functionality, including new commodities and fine-tuning its ease of use. You’ll find the latest developments here. This page is also where we report about our appearances at commodity industry trade fairs and seminars.

Agiboo looks back at the European Commodities Exchange 2017

Posted by Svetlana Tokunova

The 57th European Commodities Exchange is a unique two days event which took the place this year in Brussels, Belgium on October 12-13,2017.

The European Commodities Exchange unites 38 national Exchanges from 12 European countries and has its head office at the Commodities Exchange in Strasbourg. It is the most important annual event for international agri-food commodities with more than 3 000 operators from 56 countries and approximately 120 booths, and is held each time in a different European city. The annual meeting, which has been held since 1961, is a chance to bring together all the European companies operating in the cereal, fertilizer and animal feed sectors, and sectors for other related products as well as the various services related to the world of grain (controllers, storage facilities, transport, insurance, etc.) that are interested in this broad product segment.

The Agiboo team was happy to participate and exhibit in this event as Agiboo has a strong commitment to the grains & oilseeds trade industry.

Agiblocks represents the next generation in CTRM software solutions. It combines a detailed understanding of the commodity business and risk management processes with an agile information technology architecture, enabling its users to successfully manage their commodity trading and risk management activities. Agiblocks opens up new possibilities for commodity purchasers, brokers, traders and commodity industry service providers by adapting to their environment and practices rather than imposing rules and limitations.

Agiboo looks back to the CTRM Conference 2017

Posted by Jan van den Brom

The CTRM Conference is a unique 1-day event that is focused on the $1.6billion CTRM software category was held on the 5th October at the RAI Amtrium, Amsterdam in conjunction with Synergy’s EMART. The conference brought together end user, service practitioners, and vendors to spend a day focused on some of the key issues and trends impacting the software category. Hosted and facilitated by ComTech Advisory, the leading analysts in the CTRM software space, the CTRM Conference brought a compelling agenda of presentations, knowledge sharing and roundtable discussions involving key users of CTRM and associated software and services in the industry all supplemented by excellent networking opportunities.
Agiboo also sponsored the event as we find it important to contribute to this binding factor in the CTRM industry. This year the theme was about disruptive technologies and presentations or discussions were centered about this subject. Agiboo also participated in the roundtable discussion through a panel about: CTRM in the ‘True’ Cloud.
The CTRM Conference touched many important subjects such as blockchain, Cloud CTRM, open source and micro services. Shaping also directions for CTRM development which are very important for Agiblocks CTRM.
Agiboo likes to thank Garey Vasey and Patrick Reames for the excellent organization and taking these initiatives which are essential for CTRM evolution.


Posted by Jan van den Brom
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