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Daarnhouwer Highly Values the Flexibility of Agiblocks

Daarnhouwer case study
Posted by Bart Kroon
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“Agiboo managed to develop Agiblocks in such a way that it will do everything a cacao or coffee trader can think of, including administration and profit & loss per individual contract. Which, like I said, is completely impossible in most other CTRM systems.”

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“Agiblocks modularity makes it extremely flexible”

Daarnhouwer is an established brand name in originating and supplying specialty cocoa, tree nuts and coffee, and is the European market leader for specialty cacao. René Strik, Daarnhouwer’s Financial Director, emphasizes the company’s focus on specialties: “Daarnhouwer Cocoa offers 27 cacao varieties from approximately 16 different countries. Our cacao clients are specialized chocolate manufacturers who look for particular flavors or qualities.
“One powerful advantage of Agiblocks’ modularity, which has become very clear, is that we were not forced down a one-way street because of choices we had made earlier. Agiblocks is so flexible that it could always be adapted to new insights that came up during the implementation.”
“In our office, everybody is enthusiastic about Agiblocks. The software fully supports trading and retailing processes, is fully integrated with the accounting system and is fun to work with. I really believe that it can become the leading trading software solution for the commodity world. From what I have seen, Agiblocks offers more possibilities than any other system currently on the market in Europe and America.”
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