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Now recruiting a Future Team Lead / MVC .NET Software Developer

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Opportunity to make a difference for a hands on specialist with leadership skills
Position immediately available
Agiboo develops an intuitive and cost-effective Commodity Trade and Risk Management system called Agiblocks. It combines unique ERP processes with sophisticated risk analysis and finance management for the commodity industry using the most up-to-date Microsoft .NET technology. Agiboo has an Agile, hands-on, start-up environment where your work will directly influence the success of the company. English is our business language.

Job Description

You have an excellent track in complex development processes, and can bring the best out of development teams. You have proven to contribute to make development teams deliver against targets, against, time money and quality. You aspire team leadership by excellent programming skills with solid Web design sense and an innovative mind set, you matured your leading skills in different environments.
You will play an important role in the expansion of the feature set and Web Services API for our suite of commercial commodity trading tools. You will be actively involved in all stages of product development including planning, specification, design, coding, code reviews and QA.
This job will appeal to you if you wish to be both: direct, hands on contributor to the Agiblocks architecture and C# code base and steering the Agiboo’s Agile development practices. You aspire to lead by example and must work with a rapid and frequent release schedule where “first time right” is a guiding principle. You’ll be a fit if you:
• Can translate complex financial and mathematical concepts into highly efficient, performant code;
• Can evaluate and efficiently implement Microsoft based architectures that aid in application scale and connectivity;
• Are an imaginative and skillful problem solver who has confidence in his/her own ideas and is able to see them through, and is open to adopt ideas of others and see them through
• Are a natural leader of a team, with oversight and a maturity with an intrinsic drive to have impact
• Are not afraid of taking on multiple projects or tasks;
• Are a fluent and articulate communicator, seeking input from other team members as required to resolve problems;
• Have high standards for quality and give careful consideration to all facts, potential problems and the impact of decisions and solutions.
• Work closely with the CTO to melt his view of the product direction to the current and future architecture.
• Help the CTO convert top-level requirements into efficient product designs and working code.
• Lead the Development Team in improving its performance and productivity using an Agile/Scrum development process.
• In collaboration with the CTO Coordinate Development planning and optimize alignment of development team and development process with other stakeholders (customer support/sales)
• Clearly report and track status, issues, progress and success Participate in technical design/code and usability reviews
• Participate in design reviews and work with QA to develop testing strategies.
• Conduct code reviews and code inspections.
• Facilitate communication within the product development team including project status, justifications for variances and technical information (architecture, design and implementation).
• Work with other team members to better understand product requirements.
• Provide and maintain necessary architectural diagrams and technical reference documentation regarding the Agiblocks infrastructure and deployment tools.
Experience and Qualifications

• Proven experience in the development of commercial software using MVC, C# and .NET technologies (not just internal projects or web-site development)
• Excellent knowledge MS SQL and Entity Framework
• Expertise in 3-tier application development with a good understanding of how business logic is separated from UI and front end logic
• Strong background in object oriented design and techniques
• Good visual design sense and ability to solve user-interface issues with elegant designs
• Self-starter able to proactively resolve issues and move project ahead in a dynamic start-up environment
• Proven Potential for Development Team Leadership in Agile environments
• Team player able to collaborate effectively within the development team, with other employees and contractors, and with customers.
• Excellent verbal, written communications and listening skills, culturally sensitive
• Very good knowledge of English
• Computer science or other technical degree
• Knowledge of CTRM,ERP, finance or billing systems is a plus

For more information about the opportunity and for some welcome words, check out the video.

About Agiboo

We are a commodities software development and consulting company that serves clients worldwide in the metals, agricultural and energy markets where risk is involved. Agiboo consultants and management has extensive experience in commodity trade and therefore understand the specific (IT) requirements to successfully manage commodity trade. Through years of experience Agiboo has gained the knowledge to advise the best possible solutions and technical skills to implement these solutions.


• Dependent on education and experience
• This is a full-time position (100%)

How to Apply
Please send your CV and cover letter (in English) to: jobs@agiboo.com
No recruiters please.

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