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Senior .Net/MVC C# Specialist

Senior .Net/MVC C# specialist
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Opportunity to make a difference as a hands on Senior .Net/MVC C# Specialist



About us


Agiboo develops an intuitive and cost-effective Commodity Trade and Risk Management system called Agiblocks. Further to that, it combines unique ERP processes with sophisticated risk analysis and finance management for the commodity trade industry using Microsoft .NET technology and Agile development processes. At this moment, we are looking to expand our team with a Senior .Net/MVC C# Specialist developer.



Senior .Net/MVC C# Specialist: Job Description


As a Senior .Net/MVC C# Specialist, you will play an important role in the expansion of our suite of commodity trade risk tools. More than that, you will be actively involved in all stages of product development. And these include: planning, specification, design, coding, code reviews and QA. Agiboo has an Agile, hands-on environment where your work will directly influence the success of the company.


• You work in a distributed and international development team that delivers new releases regularly;

• Strive to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software;

• You also welcome changing requirements even late in development

• You harness change to support our customers competitive advantage;

• Participate in technical design/code and usability reviews;

• Participate in design reviews and work with QA to develop testing strategies;

• Conduct code reviews and code inspections;

• Facilitate communication within the product development team including project status, justifications for variances and technical information (architecture, design and implementation);

• Work also with other team members to better understand product requirements;

• Provide and maintain necessary architectural diagrams and technical reference documentation regarding the Agiblocks infrastructure and deployment tools.



Experience and Qualifications


You love working in an Agile development environment. Plus, a high paced and result oriented approach is your attitude. You also have an experience with the development of complex, intricate and mission critical software. Additionally, excellent programming skills and an innovative mind set are requirements.


  • Proven experience in the development of commercial software using MVC, C# and .NET technologies;
  • Full stack development experience in a company that develops software as a product;
  • You also have excellent knowledge MS SQL and Entity Framework;
  • Strong background in object oriented design techniques and the SOLID principles;
  • Together with a continuous attention for technical excellence and design



What we offer


We offer an international oriented work environment in the world of commodities. Also we offer a pragmatic no nonsense workplace were you are able do develop your professional consulting and commodity skills. Furthermore, the job creates an opportunity to expand you horizons, travel internationally and explore the commodities industries. An ideal environment to learn “in action”.  This is why, we can offer attractive and flexible conditions.



Our Software Solution


AGIBLOCKS is a comprehensive and modular web based solution and was built on our own experience as traders. Specifically, the solution has a modern and intuitive user interface and supports a wide range of business processes. For example, managing contracts, coordinating logistics and controlling inventories, invoicing and the hedging of price and/or foreign exchange rate risks with Futures and Options. Moreover, AGIBLOCKS provides real-time information on Trading Position, the Mark to Market Valuation, supports logistic management, financial management and offers sophisticated algorithms for analysis such as Value at Risk. Of course all this functionality is available 24/7 and on any mobile device.



How to Apply


Do you feel you would fit the job description and are looking for a new challenge? Are you our new Senior .Net/MVC C# Specialist?


Then, send us your CV and short mail with your motivation to Hendrik at jobs@agiboo.com.


If you have any questions with respect to the role you can call at +31 (0) 36 52 13131.



No recruiters and/or contractors please.



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