Agiboo Development’s Agile way of working means that customers get frequent application updates and improvements.  Agiboo’s client base is also growing rapidly and our Development build and testing infrastructure needs to adapt to keep up with rapid feature development in the Azure environment.  Additionally, releases done need to be efficiently deployed to a variety of customer environments including an extensive hosted infrastructure.

In this position you will provide technical guidance to use new Azure based technologies such as Kubernetes in Agiboo application development and deployment.  You will help expand the Agiboo product to a multi-tenant environment and provide expertise to make the Agiboo product offering suitable for enterprise use.  You will also maintain and grow Agiboo Development’s build and test environment while working with Agiboo Support implement an efficient hosting strategy on Microsoft Azure for legacy systems.  

The ideal candidate for this position is someone with a strong C# background who has been working with Microsoft Azure in a hands-on capacity for 2+ years.  A good candidate will be very organized and likes troubleshooting and is willing to do coding and development work in addition to Azure DevOps and platform administration.   

This is a 40 hour a week position but may require you at times to work outside of normal business hours in assisting the Agiboo Support team with hosted systems work. 

Responsibilities and Activities

  • Define and lead the overall Infrastructure & Cloud tech strategy.
  • Work together with our development team to define and develop cloud infrastructure, deployment strategy, one-click deployment, deployment script.
  • Develop and manage the CI/CD process for the Agiblocks product and automate as many processes as possible.
  • Expand and help maintain and document various development and test platforms internally for Agiboo development and improve the performance and parallelization of builds. Will involve collaboration with internal teams, vendors and customers.
  • Automate tasks through appropriate tools and scripting (Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps, PowerShell, Azure CLI, Ansible).
  • Work with an Agiboo IT specialist to maintain customer environments on the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Design, develop and manage backup and restore process for customer data.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Thorough understanding of Cloud Computing: virtualization technologies, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud delivery models
  • Experience with Enterprise Security policy and strategy, data backup/ restore, capacity planning and performance tuning
  • Hands-on experience of creating solution in Microsoft Azure. Multiple implementation of Enterprise Software-as-a-Service solution on Microsoft Azure platform
  • Experience/working knowledge in .net core (c#) application development skills.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in containerization with Kubernetes and Docker and AKS.
  • Excellent knowledge about MS SQL Server, MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL – Installation, Maintenance, Performance Tunning, Backup and Restore.
  • Experience in scripting technologies like Ansible, PowerShell, Azure CLI.
  • Strong MS Windows and Linux system administration and an understanding of load balancers, DNS, virtual networks and firewalls in datacenter and cloud environment.
  • Excellent troubleshooting and analytical skills.
  • Experience in NGINX and/or Azure Application Gateway.
  • Experience in RabbitMq (Installation/Configuration) in a multi-tenant environment.
  • Self-starter able to proactively resolve issues and move project ahead in a dynamic start-up environment.
  • Team player able to collaborate effectively within the development team, with other employees and contractors, and with customers.
  • Good organizational skills with the ability to plan and manage IT related projects.
  • Good verbal, written communications and listening skills.
  • Very good knowledge of English.  


  • Proven experience as an Azure architect or DevOps Engineer in commercial multitenant SaaS based solutions/software.
  • Proven experience with Docker, Kubernetes, Helm and Kustomize.
  • Strong experience in design and developing continuous a deployment pipeline, integrating Git and other Microsoft tools
  • Experience with setting up, maintaining and supporting cloud/hosted systems for Enterprise customers.

How to Apply

Please send your CV and cover letter (in English) to:

NOTE: No recruiters please | Berichten van recruiters worden niet op prijs gesteld.

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