We aim to help you understand the unique commodity trade industry

We aim to help you understand this unique industry

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Insights and Latest news

We want to share our knowledge with the CTRM Community and Agiblocks users. Agiblocks is continually being developed further and expanding its functionality. Updates on the Agiblocks solution will be announced and explained here. We’ll also report about our appearances at commodity industry trade fairs and seminars. You’ll also regularly see new publications, showing what is being said and written about CTRM, our product and our company.


07 August 2020

CTRM Out of the Box, an Oracle NetSuite initiative

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17 July 2020

What we should know about cocoa

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04 July 2020

Why do commodity traders hedge?

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02 June 2020

Test Automation Engineer

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18 March 2020

Does any CTRM solution fit your industry requirements? – White Paper

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04 March 2020

What makes the price of an agricultural commodity?

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