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EY publishes the new Commodity Trading and Risk Management Systems Overview

Posted by Jan van den Brom
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CTRM systems are crucial when it comes to handling the life cycle of a physical commodity transaction that carries all manner of risk with it. A transaction needs to be overseen and managed from its initial execution through to its final settlement. CTRM systems have been at the forefront of front, middle and back-office desks. They assist and enable market participants to follow up and hedge against market price movements, monitor their credit risks and obtain an overall view of the numerous other factors that affect their trading portfolio. The choice of a CTRM system should be an informed and practical one. EY is at the forefront of the latest developments in the commodity and technology industries, and EY has dedicated commodity centers of excellence worldwide supporting CTRM projects.
Today EY has published the latest Commodity Trading and Risk Management Systems Overview. Agiboo is proud to be listed as well as supportive to the initiative. Please feel free to download it directly from the EY website. Download.

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