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About us

The Agiboo vision:

Deliver easy to use commodity trade and risk management solutions

How it all started

At some time all commodity trading professionals run up against the limitations of the mediocre software that was supposed to support them. A full 80% of all CTRM system implementations fail and even in cases that succeed, traders feel huge pressure to fit their processes into the possibilities offered by the software. The high license costs and long, costly implementations meant that up until 2009, CTRM software was only an affordable luxury for larger companies. Others had no other option than to use spreadsheets.


Agiboo Founded

In 2009, we decided to create an alternative. The mission was not just the next generation of CTRM systems, but a solution that would truly meet the users’ business and technical needs. Based on this vision, we founded Agiboo and started work on a commodity trading solution that they would want to use themselves; that would be useful and affordable for small and medium-sized companies.

First prototype Agiblocks CTRM released

In 2011 the Almere Office opened up and the early adopter initiatives for cocoa, coffee and sugar are started with focused industry CTRM for these first commodities.

Knowledge and Know How of commodities and commodities trading are key in our business. Over time, the Agiboo team expanded to include a variety of international professionals with extensive expertise in commodity business processes.
The combination of decades of experience in commodity trading with technology-savvy developers has resulted in the uniqueness of Agiblocks, a revolutionary CTRM Software solution that matches the initial vision of Agiboo’s founder.

Agiblocks offered from the cloud

Agiblocks CTRM becomes available as commercial product in the cloud. It is one the first full cloud deliveries, offering rapid availability without infrastructure concerns. For the soft- and agricultural industries the first standards are provided. This allows quick implementations of CTRM for these industries. 

Meeting future expectations

Agiboo embraces microservice architecture and Azure cloud delivery. CTRM functionality will be provided in a more granular feature offering benefiting from the latest benefits of modern technology, with a remained focus on the soft- and agricultural industry. Moreover, as we improved all functions and features, so did we expand the scope of our flagship CTRM solution – to include, for instance, Cotton, Nuts and (Edible) Oils.

Meet the team

Arno van den Hurk

Project coordinator 

Jan van den Brom
Chief Commercial Officer

Sashidhar Joganna

Quality Assurance

Margaret Menzies

Software Development Director


Koonal Mittal

Lead Tester/Business Analyst

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Frank Vlastuin

Business Analyst

Joep Wijers
Chief Technology Officer
Carlos Pestana
Customer Support Specialist
Svetlana Tokunova
Sales Associate
Frank Vlastuin
Busines Analyst
Tao Jiang
Senior Consultant & Project Manager
We are looking for a Customer support specialist
Margaret Menzies
Software Delivery Manager
Jan van den Brom
Chief Commercial Officer
Joep Wijers
Chief Technology Officer
Bart Kroon
Chief Executive Officer
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