Meet the Team

  • Bart Kroon


    Bart Kroon was appointed CEO of Agiboo in June 2014. Bart has extensive experience in financial and operational risk management, such gained through his professional background in commodity origination, trading and procurement, financial management, auditing and business development. Previous to his appointment at Agiboo Bart Kroon held various senior management positions. At Amtrada Holding (Cocoa […]

  • Jan van den Brom

    Managing Partner
    Jan van den Brom

    Jan van den Brom is co—founder of Agiboo and responsible for business development. Prior to Agiboo, Van den Brom was Vice President marketing and business development at TRADEPAQ, his passion for commodity trade and risk management solutions grew during implementations at global commodity trading organizations. Jan is inspired by making easy to use and innovative […]

  • Joep Wijers

    Managing Partner
    Joep Wijers

    Joep Wijers is co—founder of Agiboo and as CTO responsible for Product Management and Development. His background is in internationally operating software vendors, where he built 25 years of experience in creating innovative enterprise products. He applies state of the art proven technology to make commodity trade and risk management manageable in user friendly software, […]

  • Margaret Menzies

    Software Delivery Manager
    Margaret Menzies

    Margaret Menzies has made a career of helping software companies successfully grow their business. Before joining Agiboo, Margaret worked as a Development Director at software companies based in Eindhoven NL, Paris FR, Boston MA and Munich DE. She’s helped launch a variety of SaaS based, business product offerings and has experience working with both enterprise […]

  • Arno van den Hurk

    Project Manager
    Arno van den Hurk

    Arno van den Hurk has a wide international experience of implementing ERP systems. Previous to his appointment at Agiboo he was employed by Autobar Group of which 7 years based in London. His last position at Autobar was ICT Director Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. His experience includes many different type of companies across Europe. From […]

  • Koonal Mittal

    Koonal Mittal

    Koonal Mittal is a Test Lead/Coordinator with over 8 years of experience in Information Technology across several industries having played roles in testing as tester, leader, coordinator, training, implementations and support business product and services. At Agiboo he is responsible to effectively lead the testing team and implement the testing process and guidelines. Prior to […]

  • Frank Vlastuin

    Business Analyst
    Frank Vlastuin

    Frank Vlastuin has an extensive professional background in the agricultural commodity business and has been developing custom-made software for agricultural and bio-energy companies. Frank started within Agiboo as member of the research and development team and was responsible for business requirements for both trade and financial system integration. Today’s activities are with customers to implement, […]

  • Carlos Pestana

    Customer Support Specialist
    Carlos Pestana

    Carlos Pestana is an IT Administrator with extensive analytical experience of investigating and diagnosing network and application problems with a strong knowledge of procedures and processes. A result driven individual with an in-depth knowledge of architecture, installing and configuring computing systems. He has the ability quickly understanding user questions and implementing practical and realistic solutions […]