Multicultural enviroment: The benefit of working in it

At Agiboo we are proud to have a true multicultural office. People working in the different departments like development, customer support, consultancy and sales come from various countries with all different cultures. Although based in The Netherlands our language in the office is English, and we master multiple languages.

Offering Commodity Trade and Risk Management software solution (CTRM) like Agiblocks involves not only software development. It requires also an enthusiastic support desk who always want to go that extra mile for the client by delivering the latest versions of Agiblocks. Of course by helping out with Q&A and making sure that client operations run smooth.

Experience and diversity are the most valuable assets of our team

Offering a CTRM system for Agiboo is a combination of a great technology product with superb day to day support and excellent implementation consultancy based on deep commodity knowledge. Supporting Commodity trading requires supporting specific business processes.  It also requires years of commodity experience to be able to advise on how to implement or utilise Agiblocks CTRM the best way in a certain business.

For this reason the Agiblocks services team that supports implementations consists out of multicultural people from the industry who were either working in trade, logistics, finance or in CTRM itself.  To be effective these people should be working closely together as one team. At Agiboo we are proud of our people and that they are from all around the world. We employ staff from all over Europe, Asia and North America. The latter also helps in bridging the diversity we face in our client base and their staff. The diversity  in experience and cultural backgrounds really brings strength to the team.

(Multicultural) Food for thought

Capturing the benefits from cultural diversity means investing in and enjoying the diversity. We regularly celebrate cross cultural events. Last week at Thanksgiving we had the traditional potluck lunch, a habit that originates from the United States. All employees brought to the office some food of the country they originate from and love so much. The result was an amazing lunch with an enormous variety of dishes. There were cakes from Portugal and Bangladesh, Mediterranean dishes from Greece and Turkey. Specials from India, Pies from the United States and Canada, caviar from Belarus and of course pancakes from The Netherlands. Sharing food unites everybody!

It was during the lunch I realized how rich we are by this variety in the Agiboo team and although food is not the most important, it definitely is a lot of fun. We are grateful for the great team work and spirit, as that only allows us to deliver and make our clients happy.

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News, stories and events

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