5 strategic goals for CTRM software product delivery

The key to happy customers in the world of commodity trading is a skillful and happy team. But, you also need a well thought out strategic plan.

During our last lunch meeting, Bappi, our new Lead Development Manager gave us a promising product delivery strategy for 2018. To do that, we defined our actions to strengthen our customer-focused culture. Bappi considers these two actions to be a top responsibility for Agiboo in our list, as a CTRM solution provider for the commodity industry.

Bringing strategic solutions

1) Happy Customers

To start with, we recognize that our long-term success goes hand in hand with the success of our customers. For this reason, we believe that Agiblocks can bring strategic advantage to our customers. The result of delivering a state of the art CTRM that renews it selves continuously whilst being a robust business platform. Keeping our customers satisfied with our product is non-negotiable for us.

2) Enforcing our architecture

When you want to build long lasting houses. Then, your first priority is an expert to develop a strong architecture plan. It also goes the same for “building” powerful commodity trade and risk management software solutions. To do so, we are utilizing the strong architecture of Agiblocks. To make sure that we are using latest technologies we follow CTRM industry standards and adopt the best practices.

More strategic solutions

3) It is all about product quality

Product quality has always been our top priority. Specifically, our goal in product quality is to extend our testing capacity. We are also extending automated UI testing and automated integration testing to ensure functionalities work as expected. In this way, this will reassure Continuous Delivery of unique ctrm solutions in the future. Moreover, the adoption of a Continuous Delivery approach will help us deliver new functionalities faster than ever.

4) Optimization of the development process

The world of commodity trading is fast-paced and unpredictable. However, we are able to overcome any kind of changes. To succeed that, we are going to optimize our software development process. In this way we increase our productivity. Additionally, steps have been initiated to sharpen our technical skills and domain expertise in CTRM.

5) New strong Support Team

We now have a dedicated 3rd line support team. In this way our user can continue working uninterrupted with Agiblocks. That is why future team members are coming to enrich product functionality and deliver ever-changing user needs. Last but not least, we are extending our development capacity to reduce time to market of new functionality.

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