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CTRM software demo

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Agiblocks software
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I am Jan van den Brom and
will show you personally
how Agiblocks can make
a difference in our CTRM software demo.

Jan van den Brom
Chief Commercial Officer

About the demo
Get a front row seat to all the benefits
Agiblocks has to offer

The full range of Agiblocks functionality is available within the demo environment for your browsing leisure. Familiarize yourself with the tools and features of our powerful and agile software solution in our CTRM software demo. Find out how you can make the daily practices of commodity trade and risk management more efficient with the help of a solution that reflects all the intricacies of your industry. 


Start simplifiying 
your routine today
with Agiblocks

Detailed insight and full control

No more spreadsheets

Complete commodity trade management
Easy to use
Sophisticated risk management
Easy to implement and adapt
For whom

Who can benefit from a live demo?

Agiblocks is not just the next generation of CTRM systems, but a solution that truly meets all technical as well as business needs
for anyone working in soft or agricultural commodities.  It is rich in functionalities and supports all the flexibility
that characterizes the industry, specialized for a certain commodity or commodity group.

Request a live demo if you are:

  • a trader in soft and/or agricultural commodities; 
  • a buyer or importer of soft and/or agricultural commodities
    (for instance a producer purchasing raw materials);
  • a seller of soft and/or agricultural commodities.

    …or if you are simply interested in our next-generation CTRM solution.

Our clients

Agiblocks made a difference in the daily routine of these companies

“Agiboo is the one brand that has captured the challenges of our industry to best approach our daily tasks and operations as commodity traders”

Erik van der Flier
Managing director, AgroForce

“Agiboo showed a good understanding of the needs of our coffee business and had an agile approach during the implementation”

Tim Espir
CEO, Touton Geneva

“We recognized the flexibility of configuration, the multi company functionality and technology potential of Agiblocks”

Jean Marie Nee

Director information systems, Tereos Group

Success rate

The final word: Agiblocks success rate

CTRM solutions are complex and rich in functionalities. Capturing all underlying details is simply a necessity for success. At Agiboo we know you need to have all the relevant data, and it needs to be reliable so you can respond to the real situation. It needs to be supported by quality mechanisms, available in real-time and capturing everything from pricing/hedging to trading factors and specific functions and features. 

That is why we made sure Agiblocks is a commodity-specific CTRM solution: to match all the intricacies of your particular industry. Or, better yet, all the complexities of your daily routine.


Generic CTRM*

* Implementation of any new CTRM system has, on average, a 25 percent success rate after the first full year. Agiblocks scores an impressive 93 percent thanks to the connectivity, scale and functionality of our commodity-specific solution.