Agiblocks Product Sheet: Overview of Our CTRM Software Solution

Imagine a world where you could trade commodities and manage your risk, any time and any place, with just a single click.” It’s a great quote, but although it covers what we are about, it does not tell you a lot about our flagship CTRM solution, Agiblocks. What is it? What does it do? Why should I get on board – right now? That’s why we thought it was high time to update our Agiblocks product sheet, so that we can offer you a comprehensive overview of all that our CTRM software solution has to offer, including the latest technological innovations, in one convenient, complete and easily accessible document.

Agiblocks – A unique CTRM platform for commodity traders

The key objective of Agiblocks has always been to make a trader’s daily endeavors more efficient – from drafting a contract, setting prices and handling logistics to evaluating risk and adjusting your current position. The design of our flagship CTRM software offers a clean and simple user interface, with fast access to all the vital functions for any given task, while our technological innovations and unique industry-specific functionalities guarantee all the information you need is just a single click away – anytime, anywhere. 

Want to know more? Download our Agiblocks product sheet here! 

The best way to understand all that Agiblocks can do is to see it in action. If you would like to request a demo or any additional information you might need, please find us at or +31 (0)36 52 13131, or leave your details at

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