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In CTRM additional challenges arise when an organization trades multiple commodities in an environment with multiple legal group entities. From risk management perspective a consolidated position, mark to market and P&L is vital. Extra complexity is add when these commodities are subject to different commodity group properties such as metals, agricultural, softs and energy.


Agiblocks provides a ‘multi’ environment. When multiple companies are set up in Agiblocks, the user has a choice to have a single company view or a consolidated one over multiple companies, depending on the security settings. The same is true when multiple companies are set.

Views are automatically adapted in Agiblocks, allowing for example in the case of sugar, to see the total sugar position over multiple companies and multiple markets such as white and raw sugar.

In CTRM there are numerous ‘multi’ features required, another example here is currencies. Agiblocks allows to see the market to market and P&L in any currency.

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