Agiblocks Specialized Commodities: Episode 4 - Grains

CTRM solutions for grain need to handle the general complexities of any particular commodity, along with providing features such as usability, performance and integration. However, grain trading has a number of very specific aspects to it that not every CTRM solution will be able to handle with ease, or even at all. We will walk you through some of them, as Agiboo has made it its mission to handle all of them – with Agiblocks.

The specialization of our software is what makes it the foremost CTRM solution for agricultural commodities in general, and for the biggest soft commodities specifically; Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa and Grains. That’s why we would like to address these commodities in depth, as well as explain to you how Agiblocks caters to them with unrivaled dedication. In this fourth and final episode of our series, we will be focusing on grain.

Grain is the collective term used to describe editable seeds harvested for human and animal consumption. Various grain types are an integral part of diets across the world which causes an increasing demand and volatility for these commodities. As grain is a collective term that is used for anything from wheat to barley and rice, it is essential to work in a CTRM system that supports all the various specifics. We’ll first discuss some of the more prominent types in chapter 1, where we’ll also briefly talk about production and processing. In chapter 2, we’ll turn the spotlight on Agiblocks’ prowess to handle all the intricacies of the grain trade – from its divisibility to exchanges, differentials and derivatives.

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