"Agiblocks supports our operational efficiency" - Case Study - Agiboo

“We use Agiblocks intensively and it holds up to its promises. For us, the ability to cope with complex trading environments, the simple interface and the intuitive logic of the software are major benefits. We are already looking ahead at making the next step, based on the possibilities it opens up. And we would not look ahead if we didn’t fully trust the system.”

We did a Case Study together with the RCMA Group, the world’s largest independent rubber trader. Get a preview of the case study below.

Agiblocks supports our operational efficiency

The RCMA Group, the world’s largest independent rubber trader, has a history that goes back to the early 20th century. In 2011 the Group expanded into coal and coffee trading, while a sugar trading entity was added in 2012. This entity, RCMA Sugar, has set itself the goal of becoming a global top-5 player in white sugar trading over the next few years.

“We got all our questions answered,” says Mr. van Goor. “Agiboo is a group of people with extensive experience in commodity trading, frustrated by existing trading systems and determined to build something better, smarter and more efficient. That’s a good match with the spirit from which we launched RCMA Sugar.”

“We have been working with Agiblocks in a live environment from January of 2013 and since then we have seen major progress. The software excellently supports both complex and simple trading structures, including the related finances; our logistics management; and our hedging and currency risk management.”

Download the case study for the complete story.

Tip: Watch our Impression Video to get an understanding of the numerous possibilities Agiblocks has to offer for your commodity trade and risk management.

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