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Fresh tutorial update! We’ve launched a completely new season of our Agiblocks videos. This time around, we’ll be focusing on logistics, a major part of commodity trade.

Agiblocks and Logistics

Commodity logistics is a subject all on its own. Whereas most goods are shipped by containers, commodities have a variety of methods – bulk, break bulk, containers, and even parcels. In many cases, longer transport time is applicable, as most is done by slow and steady sea freight. However, planes, trains & automobiles are also in the mix, and intermodal travel is not uncommon either: from silo to port by truck or train, and from port to port by ship or plane – and so on. No wonder then that logistics as a subject gets its own season of Agiblocks Tutorials. Our CTRM solution has many features and functions to help you manage these processes, such as logistic execution, deliveries and inventory.

Purchase and Sales Allocations

Contract and risk management are key components in commodity trade, but physical commodities need to move from A to B. In Agiblocks, all logistic functions are represented by the light blue blocks in the main dashboard. One of those is Reservations, where you can find allocation variables – such as purchase, inventory and floating, as well as sales, storage and destination. It all comes down to making a logistical planning: which (and how much) commodity will you deliver to a certain sales obligation.

The Reservation block has many convenient filters, which allows you to quickly find the commodities you are looking for, while filters will automatically adapt to the correct parameters. Interested in finding out more? Check out our newest video!

Season 1: Commodity Trade and Risk

What are possible risks during a commodity trade, and can we do something about it? Yes, we can! In our first season of Agiblocks tutorials, we show you all you need to know, presented in neat bite-sized video’s. You can find the introduction here, or just browse our YouTube channel for the complete series.

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