Agiblocks Tutorial 2.3: Finance

Hello to all commodity traders out there plugged into Agiblocks, and hello as well to those who might be in the future! We’d like to introduce a fresh new episode of our online tutorials: a brand-new edition to our second season on logistics. The first two episodes of season two have focused on contract management, derivatives management, logistics and delivery execution. Now, it’s time to talk to you about the last step of pretty much any regular commodity trade process: the finances!

Of course, finance is no small subject. We could be addressing trade finance, cost accruals or even foreign exchange hedging and management. However, we’ll be starting with the invoice process, as we’d like to show you how to use Agiblocks to create the invoice to the customer straight from the delivery. Because we’ve had a dream. And that dream was coasting through the entire commodity trade process simply by clicking ‘next’, ‘next’, ‘next’. Which is exactly what we’ve accomplished here…

Whether you’ve got a pro-forma invoice, provisional invoice, percentage-based invoice or even the so-called franchise invoice, we’ve got you covered. And yes, that does include immediate updates to the credit limits and counterparty risk. But wait, there’s more still. Because do we offer custom connectors to SAP, MS Business Central or any other ERP or software package you have installed? Well, yes. We do indeed. Let us show you!

Additionally, you can read more about Agiblocks ERP system integration here, include our top 5 of software solutions we integrate with.

Season 1: Commodity Trade and Risk

Would you like to brush up on your knowledge of the virtually endless possibilities of Agiblocks as they relate to risk management? Then feel free to (re)visit season 1, in which we talk all about the ‘RM’-part of CTRM. What are possible risks during a commodity trade, and can we do something about it?Yes, we can! In our first season of Agiblocks tutorials, we show you all you need to know, presented in neat bite-sized video’s. You can find the introduction here, or just browse our YouTube channel for the complete series.

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