Agiblocks software is a powerful and agile CTRM tool

How it works

Agiblocks CTRM software is a powerful and agile commodity trade and risk management tool


Agiblocks is feature- rich and easy to use

Agiblocks CTRM is our flagship software solution. Agiblocks software supports trading management as well as financial management from the same source of data and within the same easily accessible application. Its modular structure allows you to implement an end-to-end solution or to select individual functions to implement only the functions you need.

We recommend downloading our Product Sheet (it’s free) to get a full overview of all the features and functionalities Agiblocks has to offer.


Complete functionality for
the most demanding situations

The full Agiblocks CTRM suite offers a wide variety 
of functionalities. When implementing the software, 
organizations can select what they need at that moment. 
Extra functions can be added at any time.

Commodity trade and risk management (CTRM) solutions are by default 
complex and rich in functionalities to support all the flexibility that
characterizes the industry. Agiblocks CTRM provides a large number
of detailed features and functions. In many 
cases specialized for a
certain commodity or commodity group. 

If you are looking for a particular functionality but cannot find it on
the Product Sheet, please 
get in touch with us to discuss possible solutions.


The latest technology fully web-based

Developed from the ground up using .NET, C# and standard Microsoft systems, Agiblocks takes full advantage of web- and cloud-enabled technologies. With web-based access and a modern user interface, working with Agiblocks offers the same fluid experience within a CTRM that people expect from todays web and mobile environments.

Moreover, Agiblocks as a software solution is continuously being upgraded. We understand that technology – having new and improved features – is still an enormous part of choosing a CTRM solution. It is rapidly become a high-priority item, while buyers know what technologies they want. We’ve got you covered. You can read about are latest Agiblocks features here.

Agiblocks has been implemented in various industries for many satisfied clients

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