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About a thousand senior grain trading professionals from across the globe gathered in Switzerland’s second biggest city for three days of networking, deal-making and information gathering at Global Grain Geneva earlier this month. Participating as one of the sponsors has been a rewarding experience for us. It was great seeing many familiar faces and meeting and networking with tons of new people as well. Overall, it was a successful few days, and we would like to extend our thanks to the organizing team at Fastmarkets for their support. 

Global Grain 2023

Global Grain Geneva hosted key voices from across the global supply chain. For us, it was a great opportunity to meet not just (other) service providers, but everything and everyone up- and down-market and all along the line of the supply chain, from producers, millers and processors to shippers, brokers and trade financiers – and the likes of Agiboo, who capture all of it in an agile, powerful and industry-specific software solution. 

As the traditional grain trade routes continue to be disrupted, and weather conditions impact others, the trade event offered everyone involved an important opportunity to gather with peers, source new partners and identify opportunities and challenges for 2024 and beyond. Speaking to those challenges, we’ve learned a lot about the supply routes – or corridors as they tend to call them – and the vast challenges that beset the industry these days (or the brave solutions to those challenges). 

Digging into and debating these contentious issues on a very human level was what we’ll cherish when looking back on a trade show that in our experience very much transcended the trade and offered an opportunity to meet people and share stories about how lives have been impacted by geopolitical events. 

At the same time, gaining these insights can ensure you are able to get ahead of and manage upcoming risks. Prices of commodities can be significantly influenced by political events, such as wars, trade disputes, or sanctions. These risks, being external, are often hard to predict and can lead to sudden market shocks – but they have been quite ubiquitous over the past years. | You can read more about managing risk in commodity trading here


Grain: An Agiblocks Special

For us at Agiboo, grain – and indeed the Global Grain convention – is right in our sweet spot. It is what we do, and what we do well. In Agiblocks, grain is in fact one of four Specialized Commodities – the other three begin cocoa, sugar and coffee. We have our ‘favorite’ commodities on the agenda the whole year round – both in spirit and physically.

Would you like to know more? You can read about Agiblocks being a true Grains Solution here.

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