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Kaunas, Almere – March 1, 2019
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Agiboo, the provider of Agiblocks Commodity Trade and Risk Management (CTRM), today announced that it has confirmed the strategic partnership with Xplicity, a leading Lithuanian software development company, by acquiring a 50% ownership.

“Agiboo’s unique value is the combination of state-of-the-art technology with agricultural trade and supply chain domain knowledge. We experience significant growth and appreciation for our CTRM solution and services.” said Bart Kroon, CEO of AGIBOO. “The Agiblocks CTRM software is a strategic asset for our customers which enables their growth and profitability. We aim to enhance the functionality and quality of our product continuously supporting our clients in their pace to digitalize their trade management, risk management and supply chain”. Our enthusiasm to work with Xplicity is driven by their ability to provide the right development qualifications, domain knowledge and experience.

“Xplicity has proven to be a reliable software development partner for many clients. We have a co-creation attitude and our employees and client retention history confirms that we create valuable co-development relationships” said Gerhard van der Zwan, co-founder of Xplicity. “It is our aim to further leverage on the domain knowledge we have gained over the last 14 years to the benefit of both our clients and our employees. We believe the Agri business domain is on the forefront of a digitalization revolution and Xplicity can contribute and bring long term value to multiple clients in different parts of the trade and supply chains. We are excited to team up with Agiboo to leverage the vision, experience and relationships to strengthen our knowledge base and to accelerate our growth.”

About Xplicity

Xplicity, headquartered in Kaunas Lithuania, is a Dutch-Lithuanian Software Development Company. For more than 14 years we help numerous small to medium-sized companies around the world to bring their visions to life. Our proposition is to leverage the combination of technology and business domain knowledge. We engage with our clients throughout the full development and/or product lifecycle. The software development expertise and capacity we deliver is committed to our client’s long-term success. Xplicity gained significant domain expertise in amongst others Virtual Desktop Management, Logistics, Trade Technologies & Agri Supply Chain.

About Agiboo

Agiboo, headquartered in Almere the Netherlands, provides commodity trade / purchase and risk management solutions for the soft- and agricultural commodity market. AGIBLOCKS, the CTRM software provided by AGIBOO enables business to successfully manage commodity trade and risk management. It is a truly revolutionary CTRM solution for commodity purchasers, brokers, traders and commodity industries. The unique value proposition of AGIBLOCKS is the functional diversification (modularity, configurability), the scalability, the flexible integration possibilities (with third party accounting, ERP and/or trade systems), the user friendliness and the versatility in availability (regular and mobile platforms).

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