Great news! 2023 starts with five new customers

Agiboo has entered a new phase of growth and development it seems, as Jan van den Brom said that recently, it had won several new corporate deals for global rollouts of its software. 

This demands that we re-examine how we do things such as implementations and so on for it is a different level of scale,” he told CTRMCenter recently. However, it is a challenge that he relishes. “The challenge isn’t gaining new customers, but in doing it right for them.” To date in 2023, it has already signed five new customers – mostly in the 10-30 seat type size bucket – still, that’s quite an achievement given it is only late February!

This success appears to be as much about the nature of Agiboo’s cloud capabilities and availability as software as a service than anything else. “There simply isn’t much competition or choice on the Ags side these days if you want modern technology stacks and cloud-based deployment,” he said. However, he does also credit responsiveness with its success saying that he personally responds as soon as possible to all inbound inquiries.

The struggle for vendors like Agiboo is one of investment though he told me. “Despite our growth, the constant need for re-investment to maintain the technology is high.” Also, there are difficulties finding new talent and in recruitment, he said, echoing similar concerns from other vendors I have talked with recently. It is good to succeed and grow, but with that growth comes additional needs and those needs require people and cash. This is the struggle faced by all newer vendors in the space. We will stay tuned and watch how Agiboo navigates its growth and success.

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