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The general interest in the European sugar sector has been increasing in the light of the expected EU market liberalization in 2017. The EU will certainly grow in importance as a world player after the reform. But even though the quotas won’t be removed until 2017, changes are already underway. The European sugar industry has seen a wave of lively M&A activity, the gap between European and world prices has been weakening, and sugar companies are investing heavily to improve their efficiency. No one seems to be willing to miss the train – and the train is approaching fast. Join us at our fifth EU sugar seminar!

Agiboo will be attending the Kingsman EU Sugar Seminar on April 14th to engage in interesting discussions and conversations with market participants and demonstrate their Commodity Trade and Risk Management (CTRM) solution ‘Agiblocks’. With various clients already actively managing their purchasing, trading and processing activities, we wish to share our unique solution with the rest of the sugar market.

This conference provides a unique platform for us to get direct insight into changes in the sugar market, their effects on business operations and how participants expect to deal with these upcoming changes. This simultaneously produces invaluable insight into user-expectations which will assist us in further expanding the Agiblocks solution to even better meet your requirements.

Visit us at the Kingsman EU Sugar Seminar for a hands-on demonstration or additional information about the numerous possibilities Agiblocks has to offer in commodity trade and risk management.

Looking forward to meeting you on April 14th in Geneva!

For more information on this event, please visit the website: Kingsman EU Sugar Seminar
For a preview of the endless possibilities Agiblocks has to offer, view our video.

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