Commodity markets are dynamic and so is a professional career - Agiboo

When I started at Agiboo in 2015 the commodity industry was rather unknown for me, but I was thought to learn fast! As I learned the industry has a huge variety business practices and such reality is experienced especially when you are trying to capture these in a Commodity Trade and Risk Management (CTRM) Solution like Agiblocks. The journey with Agiboo in the commodity industry in the last years was an exciting journey, I had lot’s of opportunities to learn and explore and not a single day was the same.

Maybe the biggest thing I learned is that the commodity markets are always moving to a new balance and so is now my professional career. After a little more then two wonderful years at Agiboo I was offered, and I accepted a new professional challenge. As from November 2017 I will be exploring different markets from another role and different perspective.

Farewell is such sweet sorrow. I would like to thank Agiboo team and all people which I met along the way for the great experience! I will continue to follow the Agiboo achievements and blogs with great interest and wish all involved a continued success.  I am sure we will meet and connect somewhere in the future!

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