Sugar is produced in more than 120 countries and global production is now more than 174 Million tons a year. Approximately 70% of this is produced from sugar cane, largely grown in tropical countries, and the remaining 30% is produced from sugar beet, a root crop grown mostly in northern temperate zones. The primary use and market for sugar is the food industry, as sugar is used as a sweetener, preservative, texture modifier, fermentation substrate, flavoring and coloring agent, bulking agent and to add decoration to food items, such as cakes.

This white paper looks at this important commodity in terms of its supply chain, markets, price formation and most importantly, unique functional requirements in a CTRM solution. While there are many CTRM software solutions on the market, there are many fewer that can truly handle the unique aspects of sugar trading. The paper identifies the unique characteristics of sugar trading and sugar trading that needs to be included in a sugar-focused CTRM solution.

Download your copy of the CTRM for sugar White Paper here.

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