Use a CTRM which supports both flexibility and robustness for integration

Commodity trade and risk management acts in a constant changing world with multiple influence from outside the company where CTRM is used. Prices are changing, shipment information like actual arrivals is updated constantly and broker statements, active directory are just some examples. In addition it is essential to integrate the internal information flows, whether this about accruals and financial accounting or for example a shared service center of treasury for currencies.
Integration needs change as well. That’s why it is crucial to use a technical platform within CTRM which supports both flexibility and robustness for integration. Standard technology has come from a long way supporting interchange of data since a decade ago. Agiblocks utilized the latest techniques and standards for integration, mainly centered around webs services. Agiblocks allows for the most common integrations standard messaging and an easy to adapt configuration to address the flexibility required. Standard techniques such queues, XML, WSDL, SOAP and UDDI are conveniently supported.

CTRM in that perspective is more than just functional items, CTRM is also the ability to connect with the outside world in a flexible environment, this is where Agiblocks CTRM provides a high value to its users.

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