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Dubai Sugar Conference 2019

February 10, 2019 - February 13, 2019


The Dubai Sugar Conference will take place on 10 – 13 February 2019
Sugar is produced in more than 120 countries and global production is now more than 174 Million tons a year. Approximately 70% of this is produced from sugar cane, largely grown in tropical countries, and the remaining 30% is produced from sugar beet, a root crop grown mostly in northern temperate zones. The primary use and market for sugar is the food industry, as sugar is used as a sweetener, preservative, texture modifier, fermentation substrate, flavoring and coloring agent, bulking agent and to add decoration to food items, such as cakes. Agiboo specialized in CTRM for sugar businesses.
The sweetest of commodities, is also a commodity market with a significant amount of complexity. Sugar is traded on different markets and traders, merchandisers and consumers use different specs as a basis for their operations. Sugar (by contrast to for example, coffee or cocoa) is a semi-finished product (the result of manufacturing or processing) and because of that, Sugar contracts reflect standard production our put spec’s. There are four sugar contracts, on four sugar markets, and raw sugar is priced based on terminal markets. Furthermore, actual pricing reflects purity (the so called Polarization Premium). For this reason it is important to have specialized CTRM for sugar businesses.

CTRM for sugar businesses

As a Sugar trader or purchaser, it is key to be able to manage, trade and arbitrage upon and between these markets; in particular the so-called ‘White Premium’, based on the difference between the rates of raw and white sugar. And then to make it even more complex, beverage industries – by nature large sugar consumers – have set their own specs and some of these specs are used as trading terms between counter-parties as well. (For example the coca cola spec). So specific complexities need to be handled. Furthermore, the market is evolving from originally being a predominantly bulk market to a container market. Agiblocks CTRM offers functionality to manage this complexity, for example, the White Premium has functionality that allows efficient logistics management of both, bulk and container trade.
Commodity technology advisory in cooperation with Agiboo has issued a white paper about CTRM for sugar. This paper looks at this important commodity in terms of its supply chain, markets, price formation and most importantly, unique functional requirements in a CTRM solution. While there are many CTRM software solutions on the market, there are many fewer that can truly handle the unique aspects of sugar trading. The paper identifies the unique characteristics of sugar trading and sugar trading that needs to be included in a sugar-focused CTRM solution.
Download your copy of the CTRM for sugar white paper here: CTRMforSugar

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February 10, 2019
February 13, 2019
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Intercontinental Dubai festival centre
Dubai, United Arab Emirates