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History. It is only a small new addition in Agiblocks 3.9.5 but it provides an incredible insight into your trading position. As from now there is always an answer on What, When and Who when it comes to changes in your commercial and/or logistic commodity position.

Mark to Market information and Logistic information can change fast in an actively traded commodity. You sometimes may need to investigate for example contract pricing changes to analyze the impact these changes have on the daily P&L or Mark to Market valuation or to investigate the origin of these changes. Since Agiblocks automatically stores information about actions that change data within the Agiblocks system, Agiblocks users can now view the full history of changes relating to counterparties, physical contracts and logistical data. And the nicest thing about it, is it becomes available with just a single click! The full history of changes can be viewed whenever the history icon appears on an Agiblocks screen.

History is available for:

  • Each Counterparty, to view changes for a specific counterparty.
  • Each physical asset in the Mark to Market details, to see the entire history for that asset.
  • Each delivery line in a Contract Delivery screen, to view changes for a specific delivery line.

The information relating to changes is displayed in an easy to read layout, listing the date of a change, change type, what changes where made, when these where made, and who made the change. And how convenient; the history button simply shows all values before and after the change. To make the function even more powerful, the history information can be filtered to find data fitting a certain type of data or even a certain date period. Customer feedback on the history functionality has been so overwhelmingly positive that we anticipate to broaden the scope of the history function to other aspects such as the financial assets in next releases.

For more information or a demonstration, do not hesitate to contact us!

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