Agiblocks - Commodity Trade and Risk Management Software by Agiboo

Agiblocks CTRM Software, commodity trade and risk management

Agiblocks is the next generation of CTRM (Commodity trade and risk management) system, specialized in agricultural and soft commodities. Agiblocks CTRM Software has been developed from a clear base utilizing a scalable architecture. Unique are the special features for specific commodities such as Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa, Grains, Dairy, Cotton and Rice. The user interface has been designed to make the complex world of commodity trade easier to manage, and is suitable for the use on tablets and other mobile devices. Agiblocks CTRM Software contains all relevant functions and features which can be required in the commodity trade. Examples of these features are: physical contract management, commodity derivative contract management, foreign currencies, position management, market to market, profit and loss (realized and unrealized), commodity logistics and commodity finance. Agiblocks can be seen as commodity ERP for the industry, but specialized to these specific commodity needs. Agiblocks has been evolved in the past years to support the most sophisticated commodity processes, such as partial pricing, futures rolling, cross market arbitrage, weight terms support and all other commodity process support. Agiblocks provides a unique method for configuration, these capabilities allow much flexibility during implementation and after go live. Commodity properties can be configured which are taken into consideration at contract, position and logistics level. The user of Agiblocks can for example maintain his own master data, reports and document templates.

Agiboo provides in addition to the Agiblocks commodity trade and risk management solution a portfolio of services for implementation and support. The people at Agiboo have a passion for commodity trade and rely on years of experience in the commodity trade industry. Agiblocks can be delivered on premise, from the cloud or by a SaaS and subscription model, the latter allows a guaranteed quick and efficient implementation.

More information about Agiblocks can be found at: Agiblocks CTRM

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