Agiblocks CTRM software: featuring an innovative and adjustable dashboard

Within the fast-pacing world of commodity procurement and trading it has proven critical to have access to up-to-date information at any point in time. In the decision-making or operational process everybody requires timely information that can easily be interpreted. At Agiboo we understand the importance and requirements for key information for commodity trade and risk management.

The latest release of Agiboo’s Commodity Trade and Risk Management solution “Agiblocks” features an innovative and adjustable dashboard for users to gain instant access to the desired information. This dashboard is available at any place, on any device, and at any time! Such without the need to install an app! Agiblocks now offers a single screen with real time information that provides all the necessary insights to manage trade and risk.

Some examples include:

  • Price movements
  • Long / short / hedge positions
  • Country risks and positions
  • Portfolio compositions
  • Purchase and sales distributions

The above is only a small selection of the possible information that can be displayed in the dashboard. The composition can be completely customized to meet your personal and or company demands. Each user can have its personal dashboard. Get in the driver’s seat and gain control by a just a single click!

Interested or questions?

Are you interested in how the Agiblocks dashboard can assist you or want to learn one or more of the many other possibilities Agiblocks has to offer? Please do not hesitate to contact Jan van den Brom (+31 629 018 613 \ or contact us at

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