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Scipio based in Geneva is a trading company specializing in the physical movement of soft commodities (sugar, grains, rice and soya) within Sub-Saharan Africa. The company is a Category A member of the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA).
In Sub-Saharan Africa, food security is the biggest humanitarian and political challenge. To this Scipio has concentrated of the most basic of foodstuffs, white maize, rice and sugar. Scipio also supplied the World Food Program, delivering white maize to Cameroon and Madagascar.

Implementing Agiblocks

Scipio and Agiboo are starting the implementation of Agiblocks CTRM. A software solution specializing in soft commodities for physical contract management, risk management, logistics and finance. Agiblocks has specific features and functions to support several soft and agricultural commodities which allows as quick implementation and creates a situation where more can be done with less. As it is fully web based and available in the cloud, information and operations can be done from anywhere on any device.

Agiblocks updates

The latest updates about our CTRM software Agiblocks.

07 August 2020

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