Agiblocks Specialized Commodities: Episode 1 - Sugar

The specialization of our software is what makes it the foremost CTRM solution for agricultural commodities in general, and for four of the biggest soft commodities specifically; Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa and Grains. That’s why we would like to address these commodities in depth, as well as explain to you how Agiblocks caters to them with unrivaled dedication. In this first episode of our series, we will be focusing on sugar. 

The sugar market comprises a number of industry segments, including producers, processors, traders and buyers. Marketers and traders will most likely be involved in more speculative trading from time to time whereas producers and buyers of sugar will focus more on the physical side of the business but still need to utilize futures markets for hedging and risk management. Marketers and traders may also be active in the physical side of the business. This means that the different players in the different market segments will all have different needs and requirements when it comes to CTRM software. Agiblocks is right there to address these – and many other – needs, as we will explain in this first episode of our series on Specialized Commodities.

In chapter 1, we will explain how and why sugar is such a complex commodity – from trading and exchanges to the various different standards for sugar. In chapter 2, we’ll turn the spotlight on Agiblocks’ prowess to handle that complexity in ways that basically no other CTRM solution can – from deposit payment terms and break bulk logistics to pricing and product properties.

You can read the full article here.

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