The Chocoa 2020, we think back to the most fascinating event about cocoa

We look back to one of the best events about cocoa in 2020

The world of cocoa is changing and growing every year. As a CTRM software developer for commodity traders, it is extremely important for Agiboo to keep an eye on the developments and innovation of the cocoa industry. This time we did that by, for example, visiting the Chocoa event 2020.

Because the last few months have been quite different than we could have expected, no events have been organized that we love so much. A visit to an event provides many experiences, let us exchange relevant information and socialize with each other. We miss that part, very much. I think back to the Chocoa event in February this year in Amsterdam.

That is very different from an online event. You could hold, see and smell the cocoa fruit there. Or taste real cocoa beans. Anyone who loves chocolate, in whatever form, can learn a lot at such an event, from a seed to the chocolate mushroom. That was a great experience.

The atmosphere of the event

This time the Chocoa event 2020 also took place in the beautiful Beurs van Berlage building. This building was designed as a commodity exchange and constructed between 1896 and 1903 by architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage. Every year the halls of this beautiful building are filled with events that fascinate people. And it attracts a large audience every year again.

Already at the entrance you can taste the atmosphere of the cocoa industry. Everywhere companies stand that present their product or service. They enthusiastically catch your eye and welcome you to their stand. When you ask them what their product is and what their purpose is today, they are happy to tell you more about it. Very nice to see how much people like to share their knowledge and how friendly they are. This is what you do it for. Smiling and searching for more stories from different companies, I walk on.

What we have learned

The cocoa industry is large. I divide it into two categories: cocoa farmers and cocoa users. They all want to present their product or service to the target group. It is fantastic to know what precedes a cup of chocolate drink or a piece of good chocolate. The process from the growth of a cocoa seed to the transport of huge containers throughout the world. The average consumer does not think about this entire process. At the chocoa event 2020 you learn a lot about it.

Just think of the diversity of products made from cocoa beans. The good white chocolate is made from the cocoa butter and cocoa powder, for example. These two ingredients are extracted from the cocoa beans. It is also special to see that white butter is made from brown cocoa beans. There are also many types of cocoa beans from different countries like Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Trinidad, the Dominican Republic and Madagascar. One day is not enough to try all those flavors.

The family business

Cocoa has a history of 5000 years. It is a fascinating tree that can grow up to 10 meters if people allow it. There are even families who have run the cocoa business from generations to generations for hundreds of years. For example, during the event I got to know a nice Italian family who have been running a cocoa family business for years. The company called Brown Chocolate and is based in Italy. This company has a family history which proves that their product has come into existence with much love. They were presenting their company to the world with great passion and pride. It was very interesting to meet them.

Get more out of your business

Are you also such a passionate cocoa trader and are you not yet using a professional CTRM software? We are happy to tell you all about it. There are many tasks that you cocoa traders need to organize and plan ahead. A good software will save you so much effort and time. You will achieve goals much more efficiently.

All you have to do is contact us. We would be happy to have a completely no-obligation conversation with you.

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