The trends in commodity risk management technologies

At Agiboo, we love to keep up with trends and developments from the world of our exciting industry and beyond, which is what usually fuels our blogs as well. Today, we’d like to share a blog from elsewhere though, as our friends at CTRM Center have shared some interesting insights in trends in commodity risk management technologies. More specifically, ComTech Advisory has published that research as a report, which you can download here.

“Commodity trading is fraught with various types of risk”, writes Gary Vasey. “In recent years, the number of types of risks that businesses that trade, procure, consume, or use commodities are exposed to have increased in both intensity and breadth.”

Industry risk concerns

Given the seemingly ever-increasing litany of risks faced by market participants and apparent gap in technology solutions required to address those risks, ComTech has decided to conduct a research effort to look specifically at current industry risk concerns and emerging practices in addition to reviewing the availability of commodity risk tools and solutions, with a generic view of different application classes.

The full ComTech Report can be downloaded using the link below, but we would like to share some of the trends (and indeed concerns) it covers:

  • increased migration of software and services has introduced or increased risks with respect to IT, application and infrastructure security;
  • Spiraling prices, increased volatilities and disrupted supply and demand patterns due to geopolitical development;

…but also some interesting developments that we are very familiar with:

  • development of more advanced risk analytical solutions;
  • development or broad cross-commodity risk platforms;
  • increased risk functionality and analytics added to CTRM solutions.

Speaking of trends: have you heard that Agiboo has partnered up with ClearDox, the intelligent document processing solution powerhouse, to bring you a very practical new feature to the functionality of our flagship CTRM software? You can read about it here.

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