The 7 things commodity traders need from any CTRM software solution

Tired of juggling all of your data in spreadsheet mania? Unable to really cut to the core of all that valuable information, hindering dynamic, data-driven decision-making? Looking for that next generation software solution that is both powerful and agile and can actually help you to streamline your day-to-day? Don’t worry, because that’s exactly why we have posed – and answered – the following 7 questions in our new whitepaper to assist you and your organization in your quest the find that one true CTRM software solution. Spoiler alert: you should come and talk to us. Because, well, believe or not: Agiblocks is the answer every single time.

Before we start off with a short table of contents of the whitepaper (i.e. a list of the questions we aim to answer for you), let’s first state this; we know what you are looking for. And why you need it. What technological features you are after. The level of control and flexibility you aspire to. And how, where and when you’d like to access all that wealth of business data. So, let’s skip ahead and dive into the list of key points that any solid CTRM software solution should offer.

1. Does it provide an industry-specific solution?

2. Is it fast, accessible and scalable – with huge integration advantages?

3. Does it offer a complete commodity business management?

4. Is it technologically proficient to support the modern commodity trader?

5. Is it flexible enough to support the dynamics of the day-to-day?

6. Does it offer full control for any and all users?

7. Is it, in fact, a full ecosystem?

We are giving you a preview of the whitepaper by answering question 1 in this blog post. If you want to read the answers to all these 7 questions, we highly recommend downloading the whitepaper in PDF. It’s free of course.

1. Does it provide an industry-specific solution?

Considering all options and variables, the one thing that might stick out is:
is it a good fit? CTRM software solutions are by default complex and rich in functionalities. They have to be, given all the dynamics and intricacies that characterize the very industry they set out to support.

We believe that support is the key word here. You don’t need additional complexity.
The number one objective of Agiblocks has always been to make a trader’s daily endeavors more efficient – from drafting a contract, setting prices and handling logistics to evaluating risk and adjusting your current position. We have commodity trade in our hearts and understand that technology – having new and innovative features – is an important part of choosing a CTRM software solution. We’ve got you covered – from the latest tools and functions to assisted integration (including custom connectors), fueled by industry-leading partnerships.

Agiblocks is not just the next generation of CTRM systems, but a solution that truly meets all technical as well as business needs for anyone working in the trade business. We take pride in the fact that our software solution is a true multi-commodity system right out of the box, not limited to a particular commodity and built on modern technology.

The top five of soft commodities in terms of annual consumption is made up of cocoa, coffee, grain, sugar and cotton. If your business is with any one of those, you’re in luck. Agiblocks covers all five, of course – but has four of them listed as Specialized Commodities to boot. Our CTRM offers unique features to cater to all their complexities – from origins, grades and unique conversions to certifications and exchanges – that are either not supported in a generic CTRM software solution, or would require time-consuming work-arounds.

In fact, Agiblocks is the go-to solution for any commodity, but support for our ‘specialized commodities’ – Sugar, Cocoa, Coffee and Grains/Oilseeds – is unrivalled. So much so, that we’ve written an extensive whitepaper about it.

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