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Our experience is at your disposal

The Agiboo CTRM Consultants have significant experience in the commodities industries. We are supporting many reputable customers in the commodity industries. Our experience is built at senior management positions and is grounded on our operational experience in commodities. We are mastering trading, procurement, financial management and information technology. Our combined skills offer an attractive breeding ground for consulting engagements. We deliver end-to-end solutions and guarantee effective project management.

Implementation Services

CTRM Consultants

We advise customers in finding customized solutions, even when such may not be best solved with Agiboo software. We are advising and supporting customers on their risk management strategies, their risk management methodologies and their development of risk models and risk related data management. We are frequently being consulted for example on re-booting implementations and/or modifications to their current custom made solutions and provide project management services.