‘Agiblocks is now truly a global solution’

“Agiboo sees traction for version 4.0”, writes CTRMCenter. Managing director and co-founder Jan van den Brom was happy to talk current events with our friends at CTRMCenter last month, as a lot has been happening at the Agiboo offices this summer.

Indeed, since we’ve launched the 4.0 version of Agiblocks and have reached the full potential of our flagship CTRM software solution, quite a few customers have decided to roll out the Agiboo platform globally. We now have customers in all parts of the world including South and North America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and have increased our user base by 100 percent as well!

Agiblocks 4.0 is here to stay

Of course, the focus of the interview was mainly on the latest version of Agiblocks – because we see it as the true fulfilment of much of our original vision for CTRM. “It finally allows for you to connect the entire information chain in commodities. We can now combine external data via APIs to capture the entire end-to-end process creating a single platform for the user and the ability to automate and optimize.”

“The Big Wave BI application and its ShipsGo integration for real-time container are just one example of the extension of our ecosystem. We’re working with FinanceAgri to bring Sitagri Infinite’s data on futures prices directly into the Agiboo CTRM solution, to unlock the international cash market, derivatives, options and spreads of major agricultural exchanges. We’re working on supply chain management – for instance, tracking which shipment of cacao comes from which farmer. We’re looking at bill of lading, because that’s also coming – from procurement all the way to delivery, it’ll just be a few clicks.” 

“In essence, Agiboo 4.0 allows the user to build an ecosystem of applications that all work together”, writes Gary Vasey. “Ominously for some, [Jan] claims that the time for big, expensive closed systems is over.” We now have around 50 customers globally and are doing roughly a prospect demo every day. Exciting times indeed!

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