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Good news for all commodity traders out there plugged into Agiblocks! We’ve only just launched the second season of Agiblocks Tutorials, and episode 2.2 is already here. As you may by now already know, Season 2 is focused on logistics. Episode 2.2 deals with Delivery Execution. In other words: making sure commodities move to the location where you want them to be!

Delivery Execution (part I)

Contract and risk management are key components in commodity trade, but physical commodities need to move from A to B. Which is why 2.1 deals with Purchase and Sales Allocations. We now turn our attention to Delivery Execution, a subject we will address in the next episode as well – as it’s kind of an important one.

Obviously, it makes a difference if you move your commodities by bulk or by container, but also by what extend you are responsible for the shipment. For instance, selling ex-warehouse or CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) dictates your responsibilities. At any rate, by being responsible for logistics, you need to have a real-time overview of your situation. What should I be shipping? What can I expect? What is the progress of my various shipments. Agiblocks is here to sort it all out. Check it out in our newest video!

Season 1: Commodity Trade and Risk

What are possible risks during a commodity trade, and can we do something about it? Yes, we can! In our first season of Agiblocks tutorials, we show you all you need to know, presented in neat bite-sized video’s. You can find the introduction here, or just browse our YouTube channel for the complete series.

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