We compare the functionality of Agiblocks with a race car

When Agiboo started the development of the Agiblocks Commodity Trade and Risk Management (CTRM) solution we set ourselves clear goals and objectives. These goals and objectives were the result of our experiences in implementing CTRM software. We promised ourselves to stay on the top of the latest technologies. We aimed to offer maximum flexibility in the application configuration and user settings and pass control as much as possible to the users of Agiblocks. Mostly we aimed to be agile! Hence our logo, the hare is the most agile animal on the planet! One could argue that a hare might not be the best example of building technology so in many discussions we compare the functionality of Agiblocks with the functionality of a race car.

Being in control

While racing, the driver wants to be in full control of his car and to be informed by his dashboard on track conditions and performance. It’s the driver himself who determines wat track and performance data are relevant! Here is the analogy with the trader who wants to be flexible in his trading decisions and in executing transactions, whilst continuously  monitoring his position and market to market to manage risk and performance. We let the trader be in control of his dashboard, Agiblocks allows users to set individual preferences and views on the essential real time screens. Where a race car is a complex piece of technology, so is a CTRM solution like Agiblocks. Our challenge is to bring complex matters to simplicity, easy to use, whilst providing as much horse power as required.

An agile “Ferrari” performance

The analogy between race cars and Agiblocks CTRM goes in many ways, think about safety, performance, maintenance and latest technologies. Although subjective probably, we did find our reference in the Ferrari 488! The best performance of the Ferrari 488 can be witnessed in the Ferrari 488 Challenge. The Ferrari 488 Challenge is a single-marque motorsport championship that was created in 1993 for owners of the 348 Berlinetta who wanted to become involved in racing. The European Challenge is by far the largest series. It contains 6 races for the 2017 calendar, with 2 of them being held on Italian circuits. The remaining 4 races are held at Valencia, Budapest, Le Castellet and Silverstone.

It’s about the championship, not about the race

Winning one race is already an achievement, however a bigger challenge in racing and CTRM is to remain agile and deliver continued  performance. Since that combination makes provides you a place on the stage of the championship!  Agility  enables you to extend an initial version of the race-car with new features and functionality during a championship season. Such could be an adapting the suspension system or installing an improved gearbox. For a software application it could mean adding or improving software functionality. To keep one version for all and not to compromise on quality of the basic architecture can imply difficult decisions, improving the next bit of performance requires persistence, time and significant investment. Here we are proud to have respected the promises we made to ourselves at the beginning of Agiblocks: using latest technology and remaining Agile. Agiblocks users benefit from that every day!

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