Happy Holidays from Agiboo

What a year it has been. Even though there might be a case to make that this December has been the 36th month of a very long and trying 2020, we can also agree that there have definitely been signs we’re finally moving on from all that. Although that doesn’t quite ring true for everyone, unfortunately – as 2022 can hardly be counted as a good year either. 

Within the bigger picture, it is quite hard to celebrate or even highlight the positives that have come from all of our collective efforts. However, we’d still like to do so on account of this being a digital Christmas card and not an address from the throne or a State of the Union. At any rate, we’d like to have the opportunity to thank each and every one of you – from clients old and new to partners and supplier – for being there with us. 

As for Agiboo’s 2022, we’ve entered into new partnerships (like ClearDox), spoken to new clients about their onboarding progress (like Carfax and Acalpo) and have launched new episodes of our Agiblocks Tutorials (like the one about finance). Moreover, we’ve been overloaded with demo requests and inbound inquiries, while still seeking out new partnerships to continuously improve upon our product. In fact, we are as of right now working on a new partnership (more about that in January!) that offers a truly real-time monitoring of risk management and positions that is honestly unique in the industry. 

Now, none of that would have been possible without your ongoing support. So, thank you. We’d like to share our season’s greetings and cheer to health and happiness. We hope that you’ll have some well-deserved downtime and wish you all the best for 2023 and beyond. See you on the other side. 

– Team Agiboo

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News, stories and events

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