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“Hottlet got excited about the possibilities Agiblocks offers as it has the unique combination of sugar trade specifics and new technology. During our search and selection no other CTRM solution had such potential. It is true that there are other systems out there but they are usually constrained because of older technology or not supporting the flexibility that we require”.

Agiboo did a case study with Hottlet Sugar trading. Get a preview of the case study below. You can download the entire case study at the bottom of this article.

“Agiblocks gives real value to sugar traders”

Hottlet Sugar trading, a division of the Südzucker Group is an international business specialist in sugar. Annually more than 500.000 tons of sugar is traded. Historically Hottlet Sugar Trading has been specialized in the export of European sugar. Since a few years Hottlet Sugar Trading expanded its activities to Brazil and a solid network has been constructed with various sugar producers and refineries in other major sugar exporting countries.

“Finding a suitable commodity trade and risk management solution for sugar is not that easy as might look on the surface” says Wim Depla. “There are only few software solution providers specialized in sugar trade. Sugar has its specifics which all need to be incorporated in one single approach. Missing a crucial functionality would make a solution unusable. The People at Agiboo immediately understood our requirements and needs, because of their specialization in sugar trade solutions.”

“During the implementation process of Agiblocks it became obvious that we had a new generation of solution in our hands. The possibilities to create value for Hottlet Sugar Trading but also for our clients appeared to be numerous. Implementing a new system supporting the core of your operations always has its challenges. Agiblocks allowed us to deal with these challenges in a relative easy way. Agiblocks is providing Hottlet now complete control over the trade, logistics, inventory, risk and finance processes.

Download the case study for the complete story.

Watch our Impression Video to get an understanding of the numerous possibilities Agiblocks has to offer for your commodity trade and risk management.

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