Self-sufficiency and independence in CTRM - Agiboo

Maybe one of the most critical success factors in a CTRM implementation and use during its lifecycle is the ability to react on changes and requirements. This is in particular true for generated client communication and getting overviews like reports. In addition it is important to be flexible regarding the configuration, a new payment term, a new port to ship to, or even a new commodity to trade with its own unique properties.

Agiblocks has been designed to give the user as much independence as possible. Document formats like invoices and contracts can be maintained by the user themselves as it is based on an open technology of Microsoft Word merge templates. Reports can be designed with an integrated drag and drop report designer allowing maximum control on data output. The Agiblocks report designer is just available in the browser.

A large number of master data items such as payment terms, delivery terms and or weight terms can be add or changed keeping the data structures in tact.

Besides the speed of reaction during implementation and usage, provides this unique concept a guarantee for a quick implementation and lower total cost of ownership.

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