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Full assistance from
our professional and dedicated team

Our experience
is at your disposal

The Agiboo team has significant experience in commodities industries and has supported many reputable customers in their commodity trade and risk management challenges. Our experience was built in senior management positions and leans on our operational involvement in commodity trading, procurement, finance and information technology. Our combined skills offer a practical breeding ground for consulting engagements, delivering end-to-end solutions with effective project management.

A quick and effortless implementation

At Agiboo, we believe that the success of a CTRM system depends on an effective implementation. Deployment of such a system is not daily routine for most of our clients, nor should it become a core concern for them. We are experienced in smooth transitions and have our clients up and running quickly. This rapid implementation is supported by the agility of Agiblocks, its flexible integration capabilities and its attractive user interface. We offer cloud services at a hosting provider of our client’s choice, but also offer hosting services through our own preferred provider.

Full support
available at any time

We offer our clients a comprehensive maintenance and support program with regular software updates for Agiblocks. These updates cater for changes in technology and platforms, but also offer free enhancements and upgrades. We ensure that our customers always have a version available that is compatible with their platforms and browsers. Users are supported on new features with release notes and reference guide updates. 

Agiblocks has been implemented in various industries for many satisfied clients:


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