Agiboo at Global Grain 2023: Recap


About a thousand senior grain trading professionals from across the globe gathered in Switzerland’s second biggest city for three days of networking, deal-making and information gathering at Global Grain Geneva […]

Sunflowers and oilseeds, a fascinating commodity


The sunflower, a symbol of adoration and longevity, finds its roots in an enchanting Greek myth. The tale of Clytie’s transformation into a sunflower, gazing eternally at Apollo, the sun […]

Agiblocks CTRM software: A True Grains Solution


Agiboo is a provider of commodity trade and risk management solutions with a focus on agricultural and soft commodities, specifically Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar, Cotton and Grains. The flagship product Agiblocks, […]

Shipping undetermined quantities in CTRM


In the world of commodity trade, one unique challenge that often arises is the shipment of undetermined quantities. When dealing with bulk shipments, it becomes impossible to load an exact […]