Report: Commodity Trading Week 2021

Commodity Trading Week 2021

What might just be called ‘week 23’ on every regular calendar, is known as Commodity Trading Week for everyone involved in the trade, production and procurement of commodities. The 2021 […]

Agiblocks ERP System Integration


Wait: Agiblocks ERP? Isn’t Agiboo’s flagship software solution a CTRM system? Well yes, it is – but a lot of people confuse CTRM software with ERP technology. We’re here to […]

10 interesting facts about sugar


Sugar is a sweet-flavored ingredient, used in many types of food and drinks around the world since ancient times. It can be found in pretty much every plant, but it […]


chickpeas beans

Cooked chickpeas and chickpea flour (unprocessed) are used to make hummus and falafel, chips and French fries, among other things. Roasted, they can also be eaten as a snack. The […]


Lentils yellow green red

Red, yellow, brown and green: there are many varieties of lentils. Lentils can only be bought dried and have somewhat of a bad rep. Over recent years however, lentils have […]


figs fruit

Figs are fruits with a thin leathery skin. The fleshy flesh of the fig contains small edible seeds and is deliciously soft and sweet in taste. Fresh figs are also […]