Why Agiblocks Is Your Go-To CTRM Software Solution

Agiblocks is not just the next generation of CTRM systems, but a solution that truly meets all technical as well as business needs for anyone working in soft or agricultural commodities. That’s why anyone looking for CTRM software for the commodity trade – whether you are a trader, buyer or seller dealing with single or multiple soft and/or agricultural commodities – should look no further. 

CTRM for the Commodity Trade
Commodity trading is a volatile business that requires several types of data to be exchanged and confirmed, especially for OTC and physical markets. As trade margins have decreased and oversight increased, keeping costs down and minimizing errors has naturally become the focus of many commodity-related firms.

There are many, many different aspects to deal with all at once – ranging from physical commodities, commodity trading and speculative trading to commodity logistics and finance and risk management. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Yet, unlike the financial and tech sectors, the commodities back office is still slave to lengthy manual processes largely due to the myriad of complex data exchanged between counterparts. We know, because Agiblocks has been battling inefficiency and time-consuming labor for over a decade now.

With change being the only constant in the industry, having an agile and adaptable, easy to implement out of the box CTRM with low total cost of ownership is now mandatory. By taking the commodity-specific approach, Agiboo has managed to meet these needs of the user community – particularly smaller, more focused businesses – while also being able to offer an ecosystem of focused solutions and functionality to larger entities. We’ve got you covered with Agiblocks, our flagship CTRM solution. Find out more in our extensive new whitepaper.

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