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Ready for a variety of commodities

Agiblocks is not limited to a particular commodity. It is based on extensive experience with trading cocoa, coffee, sugar, dairy, grains, oil and metals and has been tested and used in all of these environments. Off the shelf, the business logic and processes of your particular commodity are embedded in the software, not only related to trading, but also to logistics and finance. At the same time, an Agiblocks installation is not limited to one single commodity. Because of its modular design, more commodities may be added whenever needed.

Ratio hedging for cocoa

A complexity that is particular to the cocoa trading industry is the need to hedge ratios. Agiblocks contains the needed business intelligence and offers this functionality for cocoa traders by default.
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White premium trading for sugar

Sugar traders need to be able to trade the so-called ‘White Premium’, based on the difference between the rates of raw and white sugar. Agiblocks supports this and makes all positions visible at real-time rates.
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From container loads to bags or boxes for coffee and nuts

Specialty traders of coffee and tree nuts often buy by container loads, but sell by smaller quantities like bags or even boxes. Agiblocks is the only solution on the market that handles the associated administration without an additional development effort. It enables traders to hedge small quantities of their commodities individually; both currencies and terminal markets.